• Discovering and illuminating what is unique about you.

    My name is Myree Townsend, owner of Image Just For You. I have been an image consultant for several years. During that time I have had the opportunity to teach and lecture in many different forums, thereby empowering and motivating corporate employees to be confident front runners of the company they represent.
    Discovering and illuminating what is unique about you.
  • The bridge to your success.

    Frustrated, unsure, or overwhelmed with your hair, makeup or overall style? Discover your innate beauty with a professional Image Consultant.

    The bridge to your success.
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  • One on One Custom Topics:

    Color Analysis
    Wardrobe Analysis
    Skin Care/Make-up Application Instruction
    Dressing for your figure and the season
    Etiquette: From dining to lifestyle to social etiquette techniques
    Resume and Interviewing building skills
    One on One Custom Topics:

Embrace Your Power Within


     Whether you are a teen, adult, employer or employee, you want to be successful in today’s market place. To do that you need to have something that make you stand out. Something that gives you the edge over your competition. Capitalizing on what makes you unique and different is what will make you successful in the field of your choice.

     From the receptionist to the CEO, from the soccer mom to the PTA president, your title is important and your image should be a reflection and celebration of who you are within. I offer a wide variety of expertise through classes, lectures and private consultations for your personal and business image. I will help you reach your personal and professional goals of making a great first impression by giving you the individual tools necessary to gain that edge over your competition in any situation.



  • While working as a Program Specialist at Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada, I had the delightful pleasure to be able to introduce Myree to well over 500 young girl members through her proper etiquette and self esteem building classes, where valuable life skills were learned and practiced. The "Uniquely Me" event which served about 300 girls grades 1-12through interactive booth activities Talent and Fashion Shows where Myree assisted and managed the Modeling/Fashion Show Portion. Myree made the event a major success. –Laurie Betker, Program Specialist

  • I used to say, "My mother dresses me funny." But now with the help of Myree I look stunning and professional when it really matters. So take a look for yourself at my website to see clothing and make-up done by Myree, on me of course."–Alice R. Heiman, President - Alice Heiman, LLC

  • Myree worked closely with my own two teenage daughters during private, in home modeling consultations where they practiced not only being prepared for an appointment with Myree (well groomed, dressing appropriately, and paying full attention during the one hour lesson) but the also explored fashion color palates and overall mannerisms–Laurie Betker

  • When I met Myree and worked with her on my relooking/image sessions, she not only helped me change completely my image, from the outside, wardrobe, hairstyle, cosmetic but also improve me in the inside. She helped me build confidence, taught me how to enhance my strong points and develop my existing qualities. She is simply a wonderful person, not only from the outside but also on the inside. She's committed, enjoyable to work with, really a professional and she will get the best out of you. What a great experience, I will forever be grateful to Myree...!!!–Tony Lorenzo

  • Myree has helped me improve my image in ways that I never thought I needed. Before meeting with her for the first time, I had really no idea how even the seemingly smallest things make a difference on your appearance. Yet after only a couple sessions, Myree had taught me how to update my appearance, be more confident, and bring out the full potential that I never knew I had. I now have an updated look and I couldn't be happier with my image. She can seriously work wondersclient_name]Scott Butler[/client_name]